Happy Tenants

"I moved here to accept a position at Will Bruder's and wanted to find something imaginatively renovated."

-Hart Sanders

"I'm going to MARFA and this place is for me.  (My degree is electro accoustic studies.)"

-Julian Stein

"The garden is very peaceful, and the property in general has character. It's in a good location, and I like how the landlords are student- and pet-friendly."

-Rachel VanDaalen

"My friend used to rent from them.  I work at Urban Outfitters and this place is so cool."

-India Loiselle

"I'm working on a PhD in Media Arts & Sciences at ASU.  This is a tucked away place with its own vibe."

-Garrett Johnson

"I like the tunnel.  This is no haunted house to me.  I love the bamboo.  I wanted quaint.  This place is quirky quaint."

-Carrie Canty

"We love renting from the Tonnesens because living at one of their properties is like living in a functional piece of art. The design of our complex is unique and inspiring. The community of neighbors is warm, friendly and just as unique as the architecture that houses us all. The Tonnesens are quick to respond to any maintenance issues that may spring up and have gone the extra mile to make sure we were comfortable while the issues were addressed. We love being a part of the Tonnesen community!"

-Andrew and Lindsey Haight

"It's like living in an art gallery."

-Angelica Dearing

"We like the vibe. Both of us are design/music people. We didn't want to move into a big complex where you don't know the neighbors."

-Taylor Rico

"I'm from Chicago and I like the urban feel."

-Fredy Urrea

"Especially after our previous landlord experience, we couldn't be happier."

-Kassy Shryock

"I teach dance and this seemed like the right creative environment for me."

-Daniela Borgialli

"I was going crazy on Craigslist. Everything looked the same. No charm. I knew right away this place was different."

-Christian Anguiano

"The architecture in AZ is pretty drab. We drive by and thought what is that?"

-Fallon Costa

"The first time I saw the place I thought the guy on the roof was real. It's intimate and off beat."

-Beau Chaffins

"This is more like a city and not like a track home."

-Tyler King

"I'm a landscape architect and appreciate their distinct environments. This is our third year renting from Tonnesen."

-Brandon Pritchard

"This place has character."

-Meghan Storms

"We have game nights and if you live here, you are invited. This place is like an oasis."

-Jasmine Maynes

"We haven't found anything like it!"

-Marshall Young

"I'm an art teacher. It's like an art themed oasis. The landscaping and lighting are important to me too and the white kitchen."

-Katrina Fengler

"This is a place I look forward to coming home to."

-Robbie McCarthy

"We liked Sam and we liked the place."

-Katie Heuermann

"I liked the metal work. It's simple yet unique."

-Andrea Plank

"It's like a big garden."

-Michael Eddy

"I have a dog. Everything is super easy to clean. The place is strange but I like it."

-Kelly Lewis

"I love the artsy environment and Sam's proficiency and friendliness."

-Peter Schoeb

"I wanted to find a place that was stylish without costing a fortune."

-Amy Cicora

"I chose to live here because it's unique, not traditional, and it's in a great location."

-Rachel Molina

"I was excited about the area and how close it is to ASU."

-Nancy Plank

"I love the structure. My boss at the Desert Roots Kitchen recommended Tonnesen. I love the concrete floors."

-MaryHelen Flores

"This is an awesome community of like-minded individuals that are interested in art, sustainability, gardening, potlucks and togetherness."

-Sam Rain


"Our last landlord experience was a nightmare. This just seems like where we're supposed to be."

-Vanessa Maldonado

"These places are green and I love the sealed concrete floors."

-Beth Meeder

"I'm all about architecture and I love Mark Rothko."

-Nikki Atillo

"Their properties are immediately appealing."

-Matt Helm

"There's a lot of cool artsy things about the place."

-Chloe Lindsay

"The lush greenery is beautiful. We love it here"

-Nicollette Lindahl

"I love our concrete floors and butcher block countertops."

-Erika Moore

"It's a unique place. I love working in the garden. It brings people together."

-Shelley Kmetz

"I went to school for art history. I was floored by the art theming."

-Sean Fuller

"They made it so easy, super helpful. They are there when you need 'em and not when you don't."

-Casey Siminski

"Walking out of my front door and having a big vegetable garden a few feet away sold us."

-Cynthia Baker

"I love the atmosphere. Feels like a community."

-Heidi McHardy

"I'm an architecture student. I had seen what they  did at other properties. I hope Bill will hire me."

-Justin Booher

"I like the communal atmosphere, bar-b-ques, hanging out, nice people..."

-Natalie Newmeyer

"I chose this place because it's not so normal-commercial. It's comfortable and safe. Feels like home."

-Tanisa Tawischsri

"The friendliest people of any place I’ve lived."

-Joe Palomino

"Good neighbors and it's nice to be able to walk to my daughter's school."

-Eva Johanson

"Hip people, I like the community."

-Brian Weis

"I'm from Alaska. The sun and pool are wonderful. I'm also glad their pet policy is dog friendly."

-Ruby Grantham

"I like the trees and art. It's really one of a kind, I haven't seen anything like it."

-Joanna Boward

"We've got a facebook group page. I've never felt so comfortable with my neighbors."

-Alex Flores

"A friend said they are all around great landlords and I liked the esthetics."

-Genesis Nichols

"It has been exciting to see the place transform."

-Aaron Moss

"Being able to step off the busy streets and come to my home in Rothko invites a breath of fresh air. I am able to relax, enjoy the scenary and embrace the unique

architectural vibe."

-Carolyn Evans

"I already knew people who lived here. It's nice when your friends are your neighbors. I love my place."

-Sarah Long

"I graduated from the photography program at ASU. I have so many reasons why I wanted to rent here. It's art and architecture, all revamped, not new. It's awesome."

-Tiera Allen

"I love the landscaping and the art."

-Jonathan Craig

"Wonderful neighbors. Good landlords, doesn't seem like an apartment, feels homey."

-Shane Saxton

"This is a great location for me. I can walk to ASU and Mill Avenue."

-Caitlin Brown

"You are changing the area. The place is unique. My heart was fluttering."

-Brent Webster

"We love the community garden. Just sitting outside with birds chirping."

-Alex Lynch

"I love the trees, lawn, tenants, art and the vibe."

-Mary Carol Skordy

"I'm an art teacher so it's a great building for me to live in - there's art at every door."

-Leland Chapin

"I'm an art enthusiast and I like the yoga lifestyle at Rothko."

-Dina Ribaudo

"I love to cook so I like the evolving garden vision."

-Astara Robinson